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We are all one together.
If we help - one person, one people, one culture, one nation -
we give hope and empowerment to others.
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In lak' ech; a lak' en  ...  I am you; you are me

I Am Mayan, a feature-length documentary film, will tell the story of a Maya family in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula who struggles to maintain their culture. Your donation to the making of this film will help an international audience become aware of what it means to be Maya in the face of exploitation and globalization. By contributing to this film you are fighting for social justice on behalf of a lesser-known indigenous culture. This film will be a powerful and inspirational story of personal triumph and what it means to live as a family grounded in an ancient way of life that is alive and well. 

While this film will introduce the kinds of projects the Maya are working on to keep their culture alive, it will also be an inspiration for others to become personally involved in their eco-tourism, conservation efforts, and indigenous art. Through the empowerment that comes with the development of these projects already in motion the Maya will have access to more resources to continue their sustainable living and educational goals. 

Thank you for your support!


"Saving the world one story at a time"

- Brady Skye



Email us for more information if you wish to

donate with a check or money order.

Brady Skye



Our award system for donations is a tier system. As your donation selection gets higher you will receive everything below that amount as well. For example, if you give $150 you will receive the Q&A, sticker, and your name in the credits.

When donating via PayPal please ensure we have your name spelled correctly. If your PayPal name is not the name you would like to use, email us with your name as you would like it displayed in the credits. 

$10 - Generous Donation


$25 - Your Name in the Credits of the Documentary


$75 - Receive an official “I Am Mayan” sticker (also receive everything below this amount)


$150 - Participate in a 60 minute group Q&A with the filmmakers after the film is completed (also receive everything below this amount)


$250 - Participate in a 60 minute one-on-one Q&A with the filmmakers after the film is completed (also receive everything below this amount)


$500 - Patron of the Arts - Receive your very own authentic work of art from the family in the film (also receive everything below this amount)


$1000 (8/8 spots left) - In Memoriam - This is a very special section of the credits we will be sure to highlight. Here you can honor a loved one by giving life to this project (also receive everything below this amount)


$2500 (4/4 spots left) - Associate Producer Credit including IMDB. 

(also receive everything below this amount, except the memoriam)


$5000 (3/3 spots left) - Co-Executive Producer credit, including IMDB.

(also receive everything below this amount, except the memoriam & associate producer credit)


Thanks for your support!

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